About the Magic

Once upon a time, there were two people so excited to share Christmas magic with children that they decided to “spy” on Santa Claus and his elves and show “proof” that they exist. Together they formed BELIEVEin! LLC in April 2013.

We have created Santa Spy Cam™ – a mobile and tablet application designed to bring an unprecedented level of magic and enchantment to your children’s holiday experience. Fully approved by Santa Claus and his Team to capture live-action video of Elves as they visit your home during the holiday season. And of course, the big visit, by the big man on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus.

Our mission is clear: create a product that enables parents at any level of technical know-how to create more wonder and magic for their children during the holidays. It’s what drives us at BELIEVEin! LLC to obsess over the details – because they grow up fast and these moments are magical!

Warmest Regards,

Santa and his mischievous elves