Elf Life

Working at the North Pole is a lot of fun, but Santa’s elves are tremendously busy preparing for the holidays. Here is one elf’s schedule for just one day! 8am – Class: Keeping Out of … Read More

Express Mail via Elf

Kids have mail to send to Santa? Want to save money on the stamp? Need evidence the letter was sent? Santa Spy Cam can help with all of these! Using specific scenes … Read More

Traveling Over Christmas?

Are your kids worried because you won’t be at home this Christmas? No problem! Just print this Travel Notification form for Santa. It lets him know where you’ll be and … Read More

Address Change for Santa

Have you moved since last Christmas? No problem! Just use this Change of Address form. Fill it out and leave it for Santa’s elves to pick up!   PARENTS: For details on how … Read More

Using Outdoor Scenes

Light! Light! Light! Okay. Got it? Good! When shooting scenes such as “Sleigh Landing” or “Sleigh Takeoff” (or using any other scene outside), you’ll want to make sure you have … Read More

Getting Great Results

Catching elves on camera is tricky business. The Santa Spy Cam can be a very useful tool, especially since it has been approved by the North Pole Clandestine Services Bureau … Read More