Elf Life

Working at the North Pole is a lot of fun, but Santa’s elves are tremendously busy preparing for the holidays.

Here is one elf’s schedule for just one day!

8am – Class: Keeping Out of Sight

9am – Poofing Practice

10am – Class: Handling Magic Dust

11am – Lunch (extra hot cocoa please!)

12 – Dreaming Up New Stuff (AKA Nap Time)

1pm – Gift Wrapping Practice

2pm – Class: Sizing to Enter & Exit Small Places

3pm – Elf Ninja Practice (AKA Not Making Noise)

4pm – Clean up!

5pm – Dinner (milk & cookies for dessert!)

6pm – Take the reindeer for a walk

7pm – Bedtime stories!

What are YOU doing to prepare for Christmas!?!

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