Express Mail via Elf

Kids have mail to send to Santa? Want to save money on the stamp? Need evidence the letter was sent? Santa Spy Cam can help with all of these!

Using specific scenes from the app, you can create a magical experience and be a Christmas Hero.

Invite your child to assist you in setting up your spy cam (smartphone) to point at the folded letter your child has written for Santa.  Explain that you will leave it over night for the elves to be caught picking up the mail.

When your child is not present, take a picture (or video) with Santa Spy Cam of the spot the letter was left (but remove the letter first).

To send mail use the scene “Airmail” to capture the magic.

To receive mail use the scene Note Drop. Be sure to have a letter prepared to leave in the same spot that you captured the magic AFTER you shoot the scene with your Santa Spy Cam. We also suggest you watch the scenes beforehand so that you can mimic the fold as much as possible.

Read more about sending official Address Change and a Travel Notice to Santa.

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