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Catching elves on camera is tricky business. The Santa Spy Cam can be a very useful tool, especially since it has been approved by the North Pole Clandestine Services Bureau and Santa himself for use in the visual capture of elves and Santa.

Here are a few tips for getting the best, most realistic video to share with your little ones.

  1. Elves are a sneaky bunch, but they’re not afraid to run around in the light. This is great news for Santa Spy Cam users, as it’s easier to catch them when you can see them! You’ll want lots of light. The elves and Santa look best in well lit rooms. If you don’t have enough light, they may have a slight radioactive glow.  We suggest that if you’re going to record a scene in front of your Christmas Tree, you turn on some other lights as well as the ones on the tree. (Using a scene outdoors? Though similar rules apply, check out these tips for special outdoor scenes.)
  2. Camera position is key! You must use your phone (or tablet) in landscape mode (horizontal display, like the app). Then, you should aim parallel to the floor. Don’t let the camera tip forward or up to the ceiling too much. Aim like it is close to eye level with whoever you are hoping to catch. This may require that you get very low to catch the elves on the floor.
  3. You may have used the “Action Box” to flip, scale (by pinching) and dragging your character into the perfect spot before shooting, but you moved. No worries! You can readjust the “Action Box” even after shooting (but before processing) to get everything in just the right spot to make sure it looks real. Fine tuning the action can make the difference between a cheap trick and ULTIMATE MAGIC.
  4. Have Fun! Yes. It’s important to have fun and be creative to make your story believable and magical.
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Now, get out there and make MAGIC!

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